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We are Maui’s premier auto repair service on the island! Giving you an extraordinarily efficient automobile repair job throughout Maui is what Auto Mechanic Maui strives for! Our highly skilled and trained local mechanics bring the best of both worlds- good old fashion hard work, while utilizing modern state of the art techniques and tools. Car servicing and auto repair in Maui is the name of our game and we are ready to service your vehicle! Whether you need a tire rotation, an oil change, a new transmission, engine work or simply need your fluids checked- we are your go-to mechanic car repair service here on Maui! We put the best and latest tools and hardware of the industry to the job when working on your truck, van or car. We understand that your car is an extension of your life, even an extension of you! So we treat your car as if it was our own, and will get the job done with upmost respect and care to your vehicle! 


Getting your vehicle back on the road quickly and safely is what our competent professionals at Auto Mechanic Maui aim for, and that shows in our work. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priority list for fixing your vehicle, and repairing your car back to a great condition. 

The continuous research and development that we perform allows us to blend in the latest tools, trends and techniques into our work, while the years of experience let us make use of conventional automobile repair methods whenever required. Every single automobile repair that we fix is based on our in-depth study on cars, whether you have a car, truck, SUV, van, minivan exotic vehicle, or any other type of automobile! 

From suspensions and alignment work, to thorough battery checks, electrical tune-ups, and brake inspections, cooling system maintenance, fixing A/C units, battery replacement, oil change, tire rotation, tire replacement, muffler repair, transmission work, belts and hose inspection, axle and drive shaft repair, check engine light  – we provide a whole spectrum of automobile maintenance and repair services. We deliver a service with upfront pricing at competitive rates without any hidden fees, and will get you a quote upon request for any auto mobile services you may need.

Please note that any repairs that we perform are accompanied by topping off all the automotive fluids for your vehicle.



Our Services

Automotive Repair and Mechanic Services in Maui, here is a quick list of our services:

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  • Axle Repair 
  • Brake Repair 
  • Brake Replacement 
  • Battery Testing and Replacement
  • Belts and Hose Inspection
  • Check Engine Light Inspection
  • Car and Truck Repair
  • Cooling and AC repair 
  • CV Axles
  • Domestic Cars and Trucks
  • Drive Shaft Repair
  • Electronic Car Services 
  • Engine Repair 
  • Engine Replacement 
  • Factory Required Maintenance 
  • Fuel Injection Service
  • Inspections 
  • Import Car Repair 
  • Muffler Repair 
  • Oil Change
  • Suspension and Steering Systems
  • Transmission Service
  • Transmission Replacement
  • Timing belts
  • Timing Chain Replacement 
  • Wheel Balance 
  • All other general car services 

All Major Makes and Models Serviced:

No matter if you own a domestic car or a foreign brand, our experienced automobile mechanics have the right knowledge to fix up the damage to your vehicle and get it working smoothly. We work with all major makes and models of vehicles and are up to date with the industry’s very best practices for each individual make and model. We pride ourselves on pairing old fashion work ethic with the industry’s best modern tools and techniques available today. 

Contactless Service / Mobile Mechanic
Service Maui

In many cases, we offer mobile mechanic services, meaning we can come to you! 

Safety is our absolute number one priority! Because of everything happening in our world today with the Coronavirus pandemic, we are now offering contactless mobile mechanic services for Maui! Many of our auto repair services are absolutely contactless – you can simply let our mechanics work on your vehicle outside while you check it out from the window of your house. Please note that each vehicle’s damage is a unique situation and depending on the exact service needed, we may not be able to offer the mobile service. In some cases, we cannot provide mobile mechanic services and will need you to bring your vehicle in, or have it towed. But on occasions where the mobile mechanic service is possible- we will come to you, making it even more convenient! Call us today and we can discuss which option would best fit your needs based on the damage of your vehicle. 

Local & Friendly Service

We constantly strive towards keeping our essential service professionals working, and they will get your vehicle all set through our on-site repair service before you get ready to hit the road.

The fact that many of our mechanics have been in the business of maintaining and repairing vehicles for over two long decades has made Auto Mechanic Maui one of the island’s most skilled auto repair services available! Many of our professionals have gained their skills from their fathers or uncles who have been in the same field of work for years. This knowledge is passed down from generation to generation from our local Maui mechanics. Keep it local! 

Why us: 

Competence and skills are surely the foremost things to consider when you hire a mechanic to service your vehicle, but trust is as important as expertise. A car comes with huge sentimental value for some, having a bundle of memories linked to itself, especially if it stays in the family for a long time. Considering your car as our own makes our local mechanics understand that feeling, thereby treating your vehicle with the same care as you would when we are servicing it. We treat your special investment, your car with all the respect that you would expect us to. And the reason behind us paying such close attention to everything and committing to the best-in-class services is the huge dedication of our team to automobile repair for the largest chunks of their lives. We are your reliable Maui Mobile Mechanics just a call away – no matter where you live in Maui.

Our mechanics are not only equipped with years of experience, but also are A/C Certified as well as ASE Certified, which makes us take pride in what we do while loving the job to the core at the same time. Our Maui mechanics are thoroughly trained in all the nitty-gritty details of Truck Repair and Auto Repair, working on all types of vehicles that come with a gas engine or a diesel engine. No matter what’s the underlying cause of your vehicle’s ailment, our field-trained mechanics can not only identify the problem but also resolve it using the best-in-class tools and automobile repair methods. Your vehicle calls for different solutions for different problems, and our techniques get that done just right, which makes us your super reliable, quick and friendly local mechanics. Our goal is to get your car running again as soon as possible, while also cutting on the extra costs and getting the job done with huge care. We are here to make sure that you get the right assistance. Speaking of your safety, giving us a call ensures that your car or truck is in reliable hands, and we will not only take pleasure in helping you, but also provide you with the appropriate guarantee throughout Maui.

 If you have witnessed even the slightest of trouble with your car, Auto Mechanic Maui is your local, most trusted assistance to count on throughout the island. The expertise and knowledge of the latest techniques to perform efficient car repairs combined with over 2 decades of experience in the field makes our professionals master mechanics. On top of that, we very well understand the emotional and the monetary value that your vehicle holds for you. You can have faith on us that we will get your vehicle back to its top-notch performance no matter what it takes. In a nutshell, pick up the phone and get your appointment scheduled right away to get incredible Auto Repair services in Maui! Call Now at (808) 731-2855 !

The Auto Mechanic that comes to you on Maui! 

  • No matter where you are, our experts rush for your help instead of requiring you to bring your vehicle to us in most cases, unlike most automobile mechanics, thereby saving effort and time on your part. Right from regular check-ups and tune-ups at your place, or reaching you for an unexpected repair job in the middle of the road – our experts will be there to assist you. However, certain cases call for you to bring in your vehicle depending on the damage level. 


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Vehicle Inspections Maui

Whenever we perform an inspection of your vehicle, our professionals provide you with complete transparency about why the component is broken as well as how to resolve the issue. Our motto is to deliver an honest and rightly detailed piece of information to our clients, and that’s what makes us the most straightforward and genuine automobile repair shop in Maui.


Do you need a vehicle inspection? We are up to date with all county and state laws pertaining to vehicle inspections in Maui. Call us today to schedule your appointment for your vehicle inspection! 

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Tune Ups

Just like how our bodies need check-ups, our vehicles do too! According to auto manufacturers, you must go for a vehicle tune-up after every two years, or every 30,000 miles of your vehicle’s drive, whichever comes first. What a tune-up does is take appropriate preventive measures to avoid numerous vehicle problems pre-hand by performing a variety of maintenance operations. Stop in and we can give your vehicle a checkup! It’s better to identify small problems first, before they becoming hugely damaging problems in the future! 

Annual Checkups for your Vehicle

There are times when you simply don’t identify a problem with your vehicle until it becomes evident. Although, finding and repairing such problems when they occur is what Auto Mechanics Maui is always prepared for, but setting up a timely inspection and maintenance schedule is a great preventative thing to do! Treating or repairing problems by determining all potential issues pre-hand prevents major troubles and a complete break down of your vehicle when you expect it the least. The end results – you get an amazing driving experience and make sure that your car or truck runs just perfect for a very long time. All you have to do is pick up the phone and plan a check-up with our expert team to ensure your safety instead of waiting for a major repair.


When you hire us as your car repair experts, Auto Mechanic Maui puts our skilled technicians with years of experience at work to come to your vehicle’s rescue.

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Best Car Mechanic Maui... Your Maui Auto Repair Shop!

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Stress Free Car Service / Automobile Mechanic in Maui 

The hassle of trying to find a reliable automobile repair shop and going out of your way to get things done is a huge one. Having car problems is stressful in itself, even worse if you end up coming across a mechanic who doesn’t offer emergency services or is simply trying to take advantage of the whole situation if you are not much aware of the underlying problem. Plus, there’s always a risk of paying heaps of money for the job even if you get a good mechanic – which can get even more nerve-wrecking.


However, we aim at taking the stress away from you and make it our job to resolve things quickly, right from getting to your current location as well as getting your vehicle running smooth once again. Your safety as well as stress are what we are here to care of.


We are here to take off all the stress concerning your vehicle. 



After performing the on-site inspections, we will inform you about the underlying problem and the possible options to get them resolved. We are committed to not making any repairs without letting our clients know things inside out. Not only will we get the task done right, but also provide you with a contract form with a fixed service quote and adhere to the same throughout the process of repairs.


You can rest assured that we go for the best-in-class automobile parts crafted by well-renowned brands when replacing components, while employing the most efficient tools and technology to service your car or truck. We guarantee you great service and a job done just right, while ensuring that once we repair your vehicle, it’s going to work smooth for years to come. If ever you discover any problem with the components we handled, you are free to give us a call and our experts will get things handled in no time.

Certified, Experienced and Expert Trained Technicians 

There’s no doubt in the fact that getting an automobile is one of the biggest investments you make, while being a key element of your day-to-day affairs, whether it’s fun or heading to work. It surely is something we highly depend on, especially when we are stuck in an emergency or simply need to rush to a destination.

Doesn’t it all make it imperative to keep your car running smooth and healthy at all times? Just like our own bodies, even our vehicles call for the right care, attention and appropriate treatments to function properly. And that’s why it’s important for a vehicle to have all of its moving parts and complex systems serviced and maintained to work in coordination. The brake system works in sync with the tires to ensure a safe stopping for your vehicle, while the electrical systems and the engine depend on each other to work in the right fashion. 

When you car needs a repair or maintenance, it indicates that something is not right – exactly like the human body shows symptoms of sickness. The signals may include malfunctioning lights, weird noises, a smoke coming from under your hood of the vehicle, or strange sounds. Make sure you call for immediate assistance to get your car to its best performance and prevent any serious damage whenever you notice one or more of such indicators.

Why Us?
Now more than ever is it so vital that we support locally owned and operated businesses in Hawaii. All of our mechanics also strive to support other local businesses as much as possible when making purchases. We are humbled each time that a loyal customer chooses to support Auto Mechanic Maui over the other big box stores. 

Our mechanics are the perfect mix of old school values and a good old hard work ethic, paired with top notch knowledge on modern vehicles and the highest state of the art tools and techniques available in the market today. 

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Complete Auto Repair Shop and Mobile Mechanic Service in Maui:

Whether it’s servicing the the air-conditioning, an oil change, battery replacement, axle and drive shaft repair, brake services, belts or hose inspection, muffler repair, tire rotation, fuel injection service, oil change, tire replacement and more – Auto Mechanic Maui continuously strives towards keeping your vehicle performing at its best! High end services, including automobile electrical repairs, transmission maintenance, or engine maintenance are just some of the huge range of services we have got to offer. 

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Auto Glass Repair / Auto Glass Replacement

The windshield of your vehicle is vital when it comes to keeping the passengers safe, and powering many functions of the vehicle. These days, the windshield has various technological functions built in to keep things working like the deployment of airbags and other vital features. It is extremely important that your windshield is installed with high quality glass and materials, and is installed correctly. Even the rubber that seals the windshield’s glass to the car needs to be high quality. Some mechanics will use cheaper options which does not give you the best solution. 

If you need a windshield replacement or a windshield repair service in Maui, call us today at (808) 731-2855

Snapshot of our Services

Air Conditioning Service: 
Maui’s hot summer sun can be unbearable when you enter your hot car! We will fix and maintain your air conditioning. 

Axle and Drive Maintenance and Repair: If you hear a clicking noise, its important to get this problem resolved immediately. Since the axle is what connects the wheels together, it is of upmost importance that this is working flawlessly. 

Battery Replacement: The battery powers the electrical system of your car, everything from your radio, to the ignition to your brake lights! Even though your car’s battery is small, it plays a vital roll in keeping your vehicle running smoothly! 

Belts and Hose Inspection / Service : The island can cause some wear and tear on the belt and hose of your vehicle! A damaged hose can cause leaks- and can lead to greater damage down the line. It’s best to get it maintained early on instead of waiting! 

Fixing your Brake / Brake Service: Did you know that brake pads are one of the most used parts of your vehicle? Overuse sometimes cause unavoidable damage, but never fear- we are brake experts! 

Engine Repair: It should go without saying that the engine is the heartbeat of your vehicle. Without it running smoothly, the car won’t run properly. We pride ourselves on being the best engine repair company on Maui!  

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Check Engine Light: Have you been putting off that pesky check engine light in your car? This sensor is there to let you know of any minor and major issues happening with your car. Stop by today and we can check it out for you! 

Cooling System Repair and Maintenance: Seeing your car overheat and start smoking is not a good feeling.  With the car’s engine producing a lot of heat, the liquid coolant will flow through the engine collecting the heat and move it to the radiator where fans provide airflow that causes the fluid to cool. Consistent tune-ups and maintenance is vital to ensure your cooling system is running smoothly.

Fuel Injection Services : Over time, cars get carbon deposits and other dirt that forms on the fuel injectors and combustion chamber. It’s important to get the fuel injection serviced to ensure the fuel injector is doing it’s job correctly. 

Muffler Service / Exhaust System Service : The exhaust system is a very important system in the vehicle, it somewhat works like a chimney – directing fumes and byproducts outside of the car instead of in the car where the passengers are. 

Oil Change: We work with all makes and models of vehicles. If you need your oil changed in Maui, we are your go-to guys! Putting off getting your oil changed can lead to expensive outcomes, or even dangerous outcomes! Call us today at (808) 731-2855.

Steering Services : Is it difficult to turn your steering wheel? It’s time to have your steering system looked at! We also do Wheel Balance.

Tire Replacement Service: We work with all major makes and models of cars. If you need your tires replaced in Maui, we are your spot! We also offer Tire Rotation services. 

Transmission Services  : Transmissions are very complex and the vehicle depends on it to run properly. If you’re having trouble with your transmission, or want to get it checked out for a regular maintenance check, call us now! Transmission problems often arise when regular check-ups  and proper fluids have been ignored. Don’t wait, get your transmission checked today! 

Engine Tune-Ups and Maintenance

Taking the assistance of our experts to plan regular tune-ups is going to work wonders for keeping the engine of your car running just right. Ensuring that your car delivers its best performance for years is all about maintaining the engine and keeping it clean. Taking the different aspects of your vehicle, including the model, age, usage frequency will determine how often you should be getting your vehicle checked. Give us a call today to schedule your auto tune-up! Call us! (808) 731-2855.

Mobile Mechanic Service in Maui

Looking for the best mobile mechanic in Maui that will come to you? Look no further! Often times we are able to come to you! Depending on the damage and the exact situation, we often come to you making our services even more convenient!

Locally Owned and Operated

We are humbled each and every time a loyal customer supports us instead of choosing a big box store. We strive to reciprocate that same generosity by encouraging our mechanics and staff to also shop local!

Engine Maintenance and Engine Repair Maui

As soon as your vehicle is exhibiting signs of trouble, bring your vehicle to Auto Mechanic Maui! We take care of all your engine needs for check engine light repair to a complete engine overhaul. We are the engine experts in Maui!

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We are driven by values

Maui’s leading auto mechanic service for brakes, engine, transmission, cooling / AC units, timing belt, inspections, timing chain belt replacement, fluids, tune-ups, muffler, tire rotation, tire replacement, transmission maintenance, brake service and repair, axle and drive shaft repair, check engine light diagnosis, suspension and steering systems, oil replacement and more! 

"Auto Mechanic Maui is the very best mechanic on the island! They were able to get my truck back up and running perfectly, after wasting money with a different mechanic shop that ended up not being able to fix the problem. These guys got my truck working as good as new. Old school mechanic values with modern tools. Mahalo Auto Mechanic Maui!"
Douglas W.
Kihei, Maui
"Getting a crack or a shattered windshield is never a fun situation. I'm so glad I went with this company, because the last time I got my windshield repaired- it took forever to get my car back. Auto Mechanic Maui had my car back to me within hours so I could get back to my busy life."
Kalani K.
"It's always overwhelming to get my car fixed, especially when I don't know much about cars. They never made me feel bad or rip me off in any way. My car has been working perfectly after I brought it in to Auto Mechanic Maui. I highly recommend utilizing them for your auto repair needs if you are anywhere on the island of Maui."
Marissa L.

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